• To carry out baseline survey, online survey, needs assessment, Impact study, rapid Assessment, feasibility study and educational and social research, monitoring and evaluation for different development organizations in different dimensions of health and its issues


  • Ensure necessary links, and foster coordination and collaboration among national/international policymakers, researchers, scientists, and institutions with similar objectives;


  • To act on the entire Public Health, Nutrition, Clinical health, Public health, and disaster areas.


  • To change the behavior of the people through the BCC (Behavioral Change Communication) methods and applying Triple A (Assessment, Analysis, and Action) cycle on public health (maternal, child, FP/RH, adolescent sexual and general health, geriatric, STIs/HIV/AIDS, environment and disaster prevention and other areas), social development, indigenous practices, skill related issues and areas where the interventional and survey research are needed.


  • To rehabilitate the ill health, disaster victims, helpless and poor community people under the service-oriented activities and make aware them in overall situations and train them for the remedy of the existing problems.


  • To conduct the study, research, and analysis on health, education, employment, industry, trade, agriculture, disaster status, human rights, child rights, women’s rights, gender, environment, nutrition, and others where the situation needs specific programs and interventions.