Millions of people across the United States struggle with food insecurity. According to Feeding America, there are over 37 MILLION food insecure people in the United States. We want to help as many as possible.

To date, we are doing regular bi-weekly food distributions in 6 different communities in Eastern NC. Our goal is to grow this operation to 30 food distributions every month and then eventually expand our reach across the United States.

How you can help

In a time when so many are suffering and in need of assistance, MrBeast is committing to donating 100% of his revenue from the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel to the operation of the Philanthropy.

Every dollar donated will be used for the furtherance of our mission. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to continue fighting against food insecurity, homelessness, and poverty.

MrBeast’s goal is to build and operate food pantries in underserved communities, starting in Eastern NC and expanding across the United States. We invite you to join us.